Stage One – Consultation

This initial stage is all about finding out what our clients requirements are and to fully understand their expectations, ‘likes & dislikes’ and vision for their new premises. Our team would co-ordinate the following meetings during the consultation stage:

Brief of requirements.
‘One to One’ meetings.
Staff interviews.
Concept design review & workshop.
Budget review.

Stage Two – Property Research

Before commencing any design proposals, it is important our team fully understand and inspect the property identified by our client. We will carry out our own due diligence of the building to ensure there are no limitations / restrictions that could compromise our design proposals. Specifically we would recommend our team undertake the following where required:

Building Visits & Inspections.
Feasibility Studies.
Site Dimensional Surveys.
Site Services Surveys.

Stage Three – Interior Design

This is the fun Stage. Using our knowledge of the client’s requirements and of the selected building, our team will commence producing the concept designs for the space. The design studio has an extensive sample library of materials and products ready for review. All the proposed concepts will be compiled into a document ready to be presented to our clients for consideration. Our creative team will undertake the following:

• Concept Plans & Elevations.
• Mood, Aesthetic and Sample Boards.
• Furniture & FF&E Specification.
• 3D Visualisations & Animations.

Stage Four – Technical Detail

Great design can only be achieved as they say, if the “details in the drawings”. We believe this. Our team will create, compile and cross reference all the required drawings for the project to ensure our clients vision is maintained and all the information is clear for the delivery teams. We can undertake the following drawings in house:

• Services Drawings
• Technical Drawings
• Detail Drawings
• As-built Drawings

Stage Five – Approvals

Our team will ensure all statuary approvals are in place for all the designs we propose. Full reports will be issued and all drawings will comply with the current regulations. Our team can also assist with planning applications should there be a requirement. Our team will liaise with the following Authorities:

• Building Control.
• Fire Authority.
• Planning Department.
• English Heritage & Listed Consent.

Stage Six – Ongoing Co-ordination Services

macdesign has strong affiliates with Construction teams, Developers, Contractors, Suppliers and Property Management teams within the Construction industry. We can work as part of / alongside a nominated team or make introductions to our own preferred partners. Either way our team can continue to assist in coordinating the design from Conception through to Completion when and where required. Our combined areas of the expertise we can offer:

• Project & Site Co-ordination meetings.
• Building Refurbishment – CAT ‘A’.
• Property Development – S&C, CAT ‘A / B’.
• Fit-out – CAT ‘B’
• Property Management.
• Furniture & FF&E Procurement.